Pick-Up and Drop-Off car park at John Lennon Airport


Once you have disembarked from your flight and collected your baggage, proceed to the terminal exit. Follow the signs directing you towards the exit area.

Keep an eye out for prominent signs indicating the direction to the Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off car park. These signs are typically marked with symbols such as a car icon or the words “Express Pick-Up.”

As you exit the terminal building, follow the roadway that leads to the designated Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off area. The airport’s layout is designed for easy navigation, and the car park is strategically located for quick access.

If you’re uncertain about the location, consider using navigation apps on your smartphone. Most mapping applications, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, are regularly updated with airport layouts and parking areas, making it easier for you to find your way.

Once you’re in the vicinity of the Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off area, pay attention to parking signs that indicate the specific zones for pick-up and drop-off. These areas are typically marked with clear signage, ensuring that you park in the correct designated space.

Be aware of any time limits for free parking in the Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off zone. This area is designed for short stops, so familiarize yourself with the regulations to avoid any potential fines or additional charges.

Once you’ve located the Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off car park and parked your vehicle in the designated area, you’re ready to either pick up or drop off passengers. The close proximity to the terminal ensures a quick and convenient experience.

When it’s time to leave the Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off area, follow the signs directing you back to the main roadways or the airport exit. Pay attention to any additional signage that may guide you through the departure process.

By following these instructions, you’ll easily locate the Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off car park at John Lennon Airport, allowing for a smooth and efficient experience when picking up or dropping off passengers.

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